Specialist Antique Furniture Conservation

 My father studied & practiced the art of french polishing during the 1950s & worked in the trade until the 1980s. He was well known Australia wide for the quality of his work. My grandfather was a fitter & turner by trade & learnt antique furniture restoration during the 1920s. He worked through the 1920s into the great depression & right up to the 1970s. He also practiced clock & radio restoration.  His work was sharp & he was well respected for his attention to detail.

I have learnt from both previous generations & have drifted toward conservation in favour of radical restoration as a result of working on a number of historically significant pieces.

I have refined the necessary techniques over a period of thirty years & I now consider the process to be an absolute science.

Extreme care is taken during each step of the process in order to achieve the finest result. An analysis is undertaken after performing sample experimentation & with careful consideration, an action proposal is formed. If the conservation procedure is commenced then it is comprehensively documented & photographed.

Results are generally spectacular - please inspect the supplied photographs.

The act of restoration on any antique furniture considered to be an investment should be carefully contemplated.

Please contact us for an assessment of suitability & quote. 

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